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PCB Design and Layout

Why should I bother having you do it for me?
I have over 5 years experience with PCB cad tools as well as over 7 years experience in the semiconductor industry. I know the Eagle Cad tools back to front and can quickly create libraries, schematics and layouts quickly and efficiently. This means that you can focus your energies on other parts of the project (tuning the rest of the circuit, programming the processor, even the front panel).

What kind of work can you do?
I typically do work with dual layer PCB's, however, I'm more than capable of doing 4 layer design. Usual card sizes are Eurocard in size (160mm x 100mm).

Time taken all depends on the complexity and if I need to create libraries and copy the schematics into Eagle or not. Every PCB and schematic is laid out differently and has it's own challenges. However, I typically dedicate around 5 to 8 hours per week to this work, and I try to get 2 jobs done per week :)

 Additionally, if you have some particular components that you like, custom libraries can be created for you, providing you can provide a datasheet along with a sample to ensure that the libraries are accurate.

How much money are we talking about here?
The value of my time is around $40 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.
To put it into perspective, Sparkfun electronics typically charge around $85 per hour for the same service.

Here's the process I work to.:
1 - You send materials (schematic in whatever form and idea of layout)
2 - I ballpark the time required, get back to you with an estimate.
3 - Upon your approval work begins.
4 - GIF's of the completed board layout will be sent to you for your approval. Please check it thoroughly, I won't be held responsible for a board that doesn't function once you've approved it.
5 - Any corrections, edits or additional work after this point will also be charged at the same fee.
6 - Money changes hands. (Paypal)
7 - Gerbers and all other associated files (including custom libraries) are sent to you.

Are you available for telephone consultation?
Yes, I am available for telephone consultation, however, the advice I can offer really depends on the complexity of your design. I take no responsibility for the results that you get as a result of any recommendations that I make.

Telephone consultation is available on evenings during the week, and on most weekends. Telephone consulation fees are $1 per minute, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Any Feedback from customers?


How do I contact you?

The Email address for this work is "pcblayout at tendolla dot com"





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