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Eagle Libraries

As part of the Electronic Design process, there is usually a need to create libraries for Schematic and Layout packages. the package of choice in the DIY and small circuit community seems to be EAGLE by Cadsoft. (www.cadsoft.de)

Below are some libraries to download. No kind of quality guarantee is offered in any way. You take them and use them at your own risk :-)

Date Created/Updated
API500.lbr Library for the API500 Card specification October 2006
OPA1632.lbr Library for TI's Differential Audio Amplifier - OPA1632 November 2006

PCM1804 & DIT4096 Libraries.

September 2002
BurrBrownAudioParts.lbr DIT4192, PGA2500, DRV134, DRV135, INA134, INA137, INA163, PCM4104, PCM4202, PCM4204,







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